Thursday, 30 September 2010

Getting started...

For those of you who are new to PHP or want to start learning best thing to do to is install shit on your computer so you can test shit locally instead of having to FTP all the time...

You'll need Apache (or some other web server program), PHP, and MySQL (if you want databases although SQLite would also work I guess) and optionally shit like PHPMyAdmin for admistrating your MySQL.
Easiest way to do this is by installing "XAMPP" which you can download from
Just select the version that is applicable to what OS you're using (most likely Windows).
Scroll down, and look for "XAMPP Windows 1.7.3" (1.7.3 was the version at the time of writing this) and then download the .exe.
Once downloaded just keep clicking next and install to default settings (unless think you're some kind of rebel) and once done a wee command prompt box comes up, just go through that, once done can you go to http://localhost/ or and you'll see some shit... You can configure XAMPP and set a couple passwords or just do what I do and delete everything except "index.php" in the C:\XAMPP\htdocs\" folder...
Once done, open index.php in Notepad (You can also use other text editing programs, I would recommend Dreamweaver or Notepad++ though) and write the following in it...

echo "You're a fucking homo!";

Once done, save it, and go back to http://localhost/ or and it will tell you that you're a fucking homo...

That's you done for now I guess.
Have fun.

Umm... Hai?

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What is this? It's just a shitty blog I'm making cause I'm bored so I thought I would do a blog about something I enjoy... PHP... I'm not going to say I'm a guru or anything but I'm FAR from shit.

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